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Total Overdose throws you into overdrive from the get go. This thrilling action game is set in Mexico and is the tale of a gunslinger in search of his father’s killer. You get to take on the role of Ram Cruz as you cross the Mexican border to exact vengeance on your father’s murderer. You are joined by Ram’s brother, Tomas, who is both loyal and capable. The plot line, with all its violence and an overall theme of revenge, entertains throughout the course of the game. Never is there a dull moment.

The interplay of various gangs and characters makes the drama all the more intriguing. There is a point in the game where you have to take out all of the Morientes Gang in a tower, from top to bottom. Even corrupt DEA officials and beautiful ladies are in the mix. The constant hunt for Papa Muerte, the king of the drug empire, keeps the game shrouded in a cloud of mystery. You are never fully aware of all that is happening. Like Ram, you learn more and more as truths unveil themselves to you.

Another great aspect about the game is the various weapons and moves you have access to use. The more you progress in the game, the better weapons you get. And you’ll need those weapons. Killing the bad guys is no simple job, either, as corrupt military groups and drug cartels stand ready to rid you the whole time. The game kind of possesses a Grand Theft Auto vibe but the story is entirely different. You feel like you have a purpose to fulfill that is truly worth it in the end. Finishing it is truly a task.

A rollercoaster ride from head to tail, Total Overdose whirls you through and dumps you out on the other side. Hopefully, you can escape with your life.

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