Transformers The Game

Transformers The Game

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Transformers: The Game Win refers to the multiple version video game based on the “Transformers” movie that was released in 2007. In the game, players have the option of portraying an Autobot or a Decepticon character. During play, robots transform from vehicles into robots and back again while engaging in battle and racing for control of the AllSpark. Each bot has the ability to use light or heavy weapons. The characters may also interact with the environment by grabbing and throwing objects at the opponent.

As an Autobot, the story line resembles that of the movie. Players must complete various missions as directed by leader Optimus Prime in an effort to save Sam Witnicky or each other while battling the Decepticons. In racing from one location to another, Autobots pass through Energon cubes to maintain strength. As the game progresses, players must learn the weaknesses of each opponent. However, the game offers hints for succeeding in the battle. If failing a campaign, the chapter begins again until the Autobot completes the mission. When successful, players have the ability to tap into a variety of bonuses. If playing as a Decepticon, there are no rules or boundaries, as characters wreak havoc on the city and the Autobots in a mission to destroy the planet. With each new chapter, players also have the chance to portray a different bot.

The graphics and sound effects get high marks and the actors portraying the bots in the movie voice the characters in the game. Though action packed, some of the missions seem repetitive, which may leave older players bored. The complexity of the controls needed to maneuver the bots may pose too much of a challenge for younger players. The Autobots must also keep collateral damage to a minimum or receive warnings. However, destruction is inevitable. With the exception of playing on DS or PSP, the game also lacks multiplayer modes.

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