Undertown Beta 1.25


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    Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows XP / Windows 8

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Undertown's point-of-view warrior journeys though dark catacombs in a life or death quest in this 3D dynamo by Fithx. A popular pick in the Medieval Games category, this roleplaying adventure pits the player against monsters. Strong, detailed graphics, fast action and the option to aquire more weapons give variety to the game. The action centers on a powerful, muscular warrior the player controls.

The horror-style atmosphere, the warrior's storyline of battling to save his lady's life, and the vivid fight scenes raise this game to a high level. Multiple opponents, slow-mo sequences, heavy impact blows, high power clashes against intense foes offer edge-of-the-seat entertainment.

Magical elements, ability options, swords, freakish enemies, spectacular visual effects and non-stop action make this a roleplay adventure that makes time stop. Guiding the warrior and arming him against repeated attacks by horrific enemies that gang up against him keeps the battle engaging.

As the hero, the player gets to control a demon to aid in completing his quest to rescue his girlfriend. The game includes a survival mode. The Spanish team that created the game intended it as a demo. Although the story mode is incomplete, the stunning visuals, brutal conflicts and imaginative elements make this worth playing.

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