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Vietcong 2 for the pc has certain elements that make it interesting to gamers. It isn't difficult to kill the enemy with a few shots. The game has interesting levels that makes it challenging to players without being overly difficult. The subject of Vietnam has not been seen as often over the past few years because WWII has been all the rage in games. There are many downsides to this game, however. It does not have the best graphics and can be slow moving and shaky on occasion. Fights can take a few seconds to load so that you end up missing some of the important action.

The game is very similar the the original that came out a few years ago. This newer version has not done a lot to be exceptionally better than the first. It is very easy to be injured or killed during this game, to the point where it can be extremely frustrating at times. You are often unable to end a mission without having taken on extreme damage during the scene. The enemies are very good at shooting and injuring you, so it requires a lot of practice to be able to end the game unharmed.

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