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Zuma is an addictive but classic puzzle game that players of all ages can enjoy. This fun and casual game is set in an ancient Aztec environment where a frog is the hero or the failure of the day. With several levels to compete in, there is a conveyor belt type line that a series of colored balls follow that are continuously being pushed forward. The frog is supplied with colored balls to spit at and destroy the balls on the belt before they reach the menacing skull waiting at the end of the line.

Destroying the balls requires that the player throws the colored ball it has in its mouth to the same sequence of balls on the line. There are red, yellow, blue and green balls. There must be a minimum of three balls together to destroy that sequence. This will not only supply the player with points, but it will also provide gaps in the line that will prevent the line of balls from reaching the skull waiting to consume them.

There are perks in this game that offer additional points and lives such as the coins that can be collected. They tend to show up between the gaps of the balls on the line so it takes quick targeted moves to win these bonuses. Additionally, there are four different power-up balls that will appear within the line. Hitting these power-up balls will give the player that specific technique to use such as reversing the line of balls or a canon type explosion ball that will destroy balls within a small frame.

Zuma offers two playing modes, Adventure Mode and Gauntlet Mode. The Adventure Mode features a series of levels to complete while the Gauntlet Mode requires that all levels in the Adventure Mode have been beat to be challenged with faster moving balls and more.

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