This puzzle racing game adapts itself to your music and creates a unique experience based on your song choice

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    8.5 (242)
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    Dylan Fitterer

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    Feb 15, 2008

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    2.49 USD

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    Single-player, Co-op, Steam Achievements, Full controller support

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    English, Russian

Audiosurf is a procedurally generated racing game that uses your own music to create tracks and puzzles for you to solve.

Our favorite thing about Audiosurf is that it uses your own music so you’ll never have to worry about it playing something you don’t like! Choose from entire albums or directories and randomize play so you can just zone out and enjoy the game.

Controlling the game is done via moving the mouse right or left, and the latest version of the game features full controller support as well.

Another great thing about Audiosurf is the fact that no two tracks are the same, since they’re randomly generated off of your own music. You could play through ever song on your hard drive and never play through the same racetrack twice.

While we do love this game, it’s important to point out that the graphics can be on the basic side. You can always buy DLC to upgrade the tracks and extend the game, but for most puzzle lovers it won’t be something that you’ll want to have to spend extra money on.

If you love music, puzzles and racing, you should definitely try out Audiosurf!


  • Play to Your Own Music This game uses your own music to create tracks and puzzles for you to play.
  • Procedurally Generated Levels Keep Things Interesting Each level is unique and created around the beat of the specific track.


  • Graphics Can be Basic Don’t expect hyper-realism award winning graphics in this game.
  • Music Has to Be On Your Hard Drive The game has to be able to read the file to create the puzzle; for example: you can’t build a track off your favorite YouTube video.

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