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  • Slender: The Eight Pages Beta 0.9.7
    Slender: The Eight Pages

    Slender is the survival horror game that is taking the world by storm. Slender is a first-person indie game that was released by Parsec Productions in June 2012. The game went on to become known as one of the scariest

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  • Outlast

    Outlast is a new first-person survival horror PC game by Red Barrel Games. It was released on September 4th, 2013 for PC and will be coming out on the PS4 in February of 2014. The player plays as an investigative

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  • Erie

    Be prepared to explore a creepy environment in a game that is set in 1966.

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  • Amnesia: The Dark Descent 1.0.1
    Amnesia: The Dark Descent

    With series like Resident Evil and Silent Hill either turning into action of falling off the map, the future on true survival horror seemed bleak for the longest time. However, after successfully releasing Penumbra:

    Download Amnesia: The Dark Descent 1.0.1 free
  • Slenderman Zac1790

    Parsec Productions received more fame for its release of Slender, a first-person horror game where you play a character who is searching for information about the Slender Man. Slenderman, which actually predates

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  • Wolfenstein 3D 1.4g
    Wolfenstein 3D

    First person shooters are a major genre of modern video games, and they all have key things in common; the player pierces the fourth wall into the game, the player can pick up items to help gameplay, and the player needs

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  • Area 51 u 1.1.89007
    Area 51

    Area 51 is a first person shooter for PC. The basic story is you take over a military agent in the famous Area 51 government site where an alien life form is kept. Something goes wrong and you are left to discover what

    Download Area 51 u 1.1.89007 free
  • .kkrieger chapter I Beta

    A fully three-dimensional first person shooter in only 96 kilobytes of memory. This isn't a typographical error, indeed, you just read that there is a 3d FPS which has an executable that runs all of its resources

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  • Alien vs Predator 2
    Alien vs Predator 2

    Alien Versus Predator 2 is a science fiction comp0uter video game. The game was developed by Monolith Productions and Third Law Interactive. It was published by Sierra Entertainment and Fox Interactive. It was

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  • SCP-087-B

    SCP 087-B is something of an oddball in the world of gaming. It doesn't fit into any of the usual genres - one might argue it's survival horror but, with no way to survive or win, that's not quite true -

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