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  • Hamachi

    Sometimes, you want a little more privacy than what your network gives you. With Hamachi, you can connect two computers and create a virtual private network with highly secure encryption algorithms. Regardless of

  • Sonic 2 HD Alpha 2.0
    Sonic 2 HD

    This is a remake of the classic Sonic game with a few more details

  • Risk 2
    Risk 2

    Risk is a classic board game by Parker Brothers, now Hasbro, which pits players against each other in a turn-based world war scenario. Risk 2 is a PC port of the original board game, as well as a refinement over the

  • Moraff's MahJongg 2009 12.0
    Moraff's MahJongg

    Moraffs Mahjongg is an implementation of Mahjongg Solitaire for Windows-based computers. Most Mahjongg games use traditional Mahjongg tiles and have a very structured approach about them. Moraffs Mahjongg distinguishes

  • Free USB Disk Security 3.0
    Free USB Disk Security

    The Free USB Disk Security software is a free program that will keep your USB drives safe from viruses, malware, and other threats. Free USB Disk Security will protect any device that is plugged into the USB port on your

  • Backgammon Lite 5.0

    Backgammon is an ancient game, and countless people play it around the world. However, it isn't quite as popular as chess or checkers. Some individuals might not always be able to find live opponents. This online

  • 3D Morris 2.02
    3D Morris

    "3D Morris" from Lobstersoft brings the fun of the abstract board game "Nine Men's Morris" to the PC. The original game dates back to Ancient Rome and features two players competing for 24 spaces

  • SpongeBob SquarePants - The Game of life
    SpongeBob SquarePants - The Game of life

    SpongeBob SquarePants: The Game of Life is a PC version of LIFE, a classic Milton Bradley board game, while integrating a SpongeBob SquarePants theme. LIFE, or The Game of Life, is a parlor game that simulates a

  • Chess Titans 1.0
    Chess Titans

    Play a rousing game of chess against the computer or against someone who is online at the time

  • MahJongg Solitaire 3D 1.01
    MahJongg Solitaire 3D

    MahJongg Solitaire 3D is a free game available for Windows and Linux computers. The game is a solitaire implementation of the traditional Chinese board game Mah Jongg. Mah Jongg is a tile-based game played by four