Armoured Commander II

Armoured Commander II

In Armoured Commander II, you take on the role of a tank commander in World War II

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    Early Access , Strategy

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    Gregory Adam Scott

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    Gregory Adam Scott

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    May 14, 2020

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    10.79 USD

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    Single-player, Steam Cloud

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In Armoured Commander II, you play the role of a tank commander in World War II, leading your crew through a campaign in one of the major conflicts of the war. ArmCom2 features multiple campaigns set between 1939 and 1945, and hundreds of vehicles, guns, and infantry unit types. The terrain map for each combat day and the types of enemies you encounter are randomly and procedurally generated, which means that each playthrough of a campaign will bring new and unexpected challenges. Your commander and crew gain experience and can improve their stats and gain skills over time, but they are also vulnerable to injury and may be seriously wounded or killed during the course of a campaign.Visual Style and GameplayThe visual style of the game follows the roguelike approach of using a character set rather than bitmap graphics. All in-game displays are rendered using a modified and expanded Petscii character set, as used in the Commodore 64. This keeps the focus on the gameplay rather than on graphic effects. Sound effects are also generated using samples from the C64's SID sound chip.The gameplay is turn-based, so you can pause and consider your options at any point in the game. You can also save and continue your game at any point, and can have one saved game per campaign type. You can choose to take on the role of your Commander, meaning that if your Commander is killed in the game your campaign ends (Permadeath), or you can continue playing through an entire campaign, replacing your tank and crew as needed.Early AccessArmoured Commander II has already been in development for a few years, so it is currently a playable game, but I do want to continue to refine and expand the game further. While there are already over a dozen different campaigns and over two hundred unit types availible, my plan is to continue to expand the game after its initial release, adding new campaigns, nations, and so on. All future additions to the game will be free to anyone who has purchased the game.Roadmap for the FutureMoving forward, I plan on adding the following campaigns, including appropriate historical unit types, and new game mechanics for them where appropriate: North Africa: British, German, American, Italian Europe Eastern Front: German, Soviet Italy: American, British, Canadian, German Western Europe 1944-1945: German, BritishIf possible, I'd also like to expand the range of campaigns beyond this, to include the Pacific and South-east Asian theatres, and perhaps one day, earlier time periods like the Spanish Civil War, and later ones such as the Korean War.

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