BatMUD is a text-based medieval fantasy massively multiplayer online game with an extremely rich set of features - constantly in development since 1990

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    Massively Multiplayer , RPG

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    Antti A. Luostarinen, Emil Nilimaa, Niklas Lindroos, Matti A. Virtanen, Riku-Ville Mäkelä, Lauri Holmas

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    Balanced Alternative Techniques ry

  • Release Date:

    Nov 19, 2019

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    4.99 USD

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    Multi-player, MMO, PvP, Online Multi-Player, Co-op, Online Co-op, Cross-Platform Multiplayer, Steam Cloud

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2019. There's a MUD on Steam.Forge artifacts of power. Sail to faraway lands. Build a city in your name.Establish your legacy. Perish, and be born anew.See guilds fall, races become extinct - or be one to nurture them.Explore the realm and roam free.Hone your craft, by forge or by arcane arts, and empower yourself - or others, for a price.--BatMUD is a text-based medieval fantasy game with an extremely rich set of features.We offer a significant player to player commerce system; and experienced players can build their own items, including seafaring vessels and even cities. Play anything you wish; build your character, reincarnate. Find locked races and establish secret societies. Enjoy the massive open realm, roam free. Create, trade, quest, amass wealth and equipment. Make friends within the vibrant and colourful player community.A detailed combat system, familiars, mounts and hundreds of custom zones built over 25 years. Constantly evolving, always under further development. BatMUD is the predecessor of MMOs and a hidden jewel of the Internet.Come, become a newbie once again.

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