Will your tools of battle hold of the enemy and keep your kingdom safe forever

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    Early Access , Indie , Simulation

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    Mac OS

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    Spiderling Studios

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    Jan 28, 2015

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    14.99 USD

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    Single-player, Steam Workshop

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Besiege is a classic war simulation game that lets the player test their skills at designing and implementing war machines specifically meant to defeat a singular enemy.

Besiege is an incredibly addictive game thanks to the straightforward objectives and engaging war machine editing potential. There are 15 levels that the player must advance through to win the game, and the objective for each level is to simply destroy the enemies. The levels are all different and require unique approaches to succeed, and the game allows the player to win in any way that works.

Each level starts with the player being shown the level they must complete, then the machine editor is activated so players can customize a machine for the specific level. The game includes tons of war components to make just about any machine you can imagine. Indeed, the limit of the game is most likely the player's imagination and not the content of the game itself. Elements include blades, springs, flamethrowers, wheels, pistons, and much more.

Building your war machine is quite intuitive, and players will quickly pick up what works and what doesn't. The machines are built with a simple drag-and-drop mechanism, and the physics of the game engine will determine whether or not the machine will succeed. Watching each machine attempt to get through the level is what makes this game so addictive.

The physics in the game are incredibly realistic, but that realism costs the game the resources required to provide any background visuals. Everything visible can be affected by the war machine, but there are no visual backdrops. Beyond that, the game is exceptionally well-balanced and engaging.

  • Realistic Physics
  • Multiple Battle Elements
  • Progressive Engineering
  • No Tutorial
  • Scaled Graphics

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