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  • Sonic Games 1.0
    Sonic Games

    Video gamers from the 1990s have surely heard the name of Sonic the Hedgehog, the famous speedy blue rodent who battles the infamous evil genius Dr. Eggman. These beloved characters have continued to star in games up to

  • Desktop Taipei 2.02
    Desktop Taipei

    Fans of casual games that remember the Microsoft Entertainment Pack's old Taipei offering will probably love Desktop Taipei. Classic mahjongg solitaire is always a great way to relax. The classic turtle layout

  • Play65 BackGammon 4.3
    Play65 BackGammon

    Play65 allows players to play backgammon in two different ways. One could elect to use play money. This means that any gambling done is purely make-believe. However, Play65 also allows players to make a genuine deposit

  • BattleFleet - Pacific War 2.9
    BattleFleet - Pacific War

    Battlefleet Pacific War is a naval strategy game for Windows-based PCs. Battlefleet Pacific War is an extension of Battleship, the classic guessing game by Milton Bradley. However, Battlefleet Pacific War has evolved

  • GNU Backgammon 0.14.3
    GNU Backgammon

    One of the best aspects of GNU backgammon is that it is truly free software. Some users might feel that the GNU backgammon client is a bit on the bloated side. However, this is because it ships with both an ASCII engine

  • Format Factory
    Format Factory

    Format Factory really should be a must-have on everyone's PC. With more than 40 million downloads — yes, million — since it came out, it seems almost everyone has this brilliant software. It is entirely free to

  • Railworks 3: Train Simulator 2012
    Railworks 3: Train Simulator 2012

    The Railworks 3 Train Simulator 2012 offers an incredibly realistic take on how the railways tend to operate. This will be the perfect game for anyone looking to get a more in-depth experience going forward. Most

  • WordMahjongg 1.2

    WordMahjongg is a simple and enjoyable implementation of Mahjongg Solitaire. Mahjongg is a Chinese game played by four using playing cards with inscribed symbols. The solitaire version uses wooden tiles instead, and the

  • Monopolie 0.9.7

    The developers of Monopolie market it as a “clone” of the original classic board game published by Parker Brothers, now Hasbro. Monopolie is open-source software, which means that the source code is freely

  • Vassal 3.1.15

    Vassal is an engine that anyone can create a game inside. It is very easy to use to create board and card games, and that is exactly what many of its users have done. The result is a free system to play hundreds of