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  • Breached

    Survive in a bleak future after your cryogenic sleep system and most of civilization fail

  • Hegemony Gold: Wars of Ancient Greece
    Hegemony Gold: Wars of Ancient Greece

    Battle enemies in the ancient world of Greece by growing an army and producing supplies

  • Combat Air Patrol 2: Military Flight Simulator
    Combat Air Patrol 2: Military Flight Simulator

    You'll love the graphics in this AV8B Harrier II flight and combat simulator with campaign

  • Social Justice Warriors
    Social Justice Warriors

    Battle internet trolls in this game that combines medieval RPG with modern satire

  • Hotline Miami Soundtrack
    Hotline Miami Soundtrack

    Play action games while listening 20 different tracks of music from nine excellent artists

  • Hippocampal: The White Sofa
    Hippocampal: The White Sofa

    Try out your skills at brain games and learn how the inner brain works

  • Khet 2.0
    Khet 2.0

    Based on the board game of the same name, use mirrors to reflect lasers and defeat enemies


    A multiplayer shooter game that allows players to creatively use a variety of weapons

  • SkyTime

    Outrun bad guys and work your way around obstacles in this 3D platformer game

  • Oscura: Lost Light
    Oscura: Lost Light

    Master the power of four forces in this beautifully animated and captivating platformer