Legend of Homebody

Legend of Homebody

The simple game of a shut-in learning from home and earn money

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    Casual , Early Access , Indie , Simulation

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    Dec 18, 2018

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    5.99 USD

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    Single-player, Steam Cloud

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    Simplified Chinese

(The game is purely fictional, do not try this out in reality.)

(Take Note: The game doesn't have any building elements and it is not a simulator.)

A simple casual game with no changing scene, no complex controls, requiring only the mouse to operate.

The idea of ​​the game is to describe the story of a shut-in, studying hard and earning money. The inspiration for the game comes from my actual experience.

Work under someone? In this life, it is impossible to do so.

Certainly, the game is not close to reality, the nature of it is simplified. Contents are changed due to the game requirements and aspects, it is not a simulation, do not take it seriously.

If you have tried the game out and feel that working freelance is simple and easy. You'll be far from correct, clicking will allow you to learn the real skills? That is impossible.

The main idea is to learn and enhance individual attributes,to create and earn,ending within a timeframe,causing different endings based on achievements.

Clickable Furnitures:

1.Bed:Sleep, restore stamina.

2.Computer:Order takeout,studying,entertainment.Studying is the fastest way to increase the attribute.

3.Fridge:Store Takeouts.

4.Shower Room:Shower.

5.Toilet:Toilet break,the game is set to automatically take a toilet break when required, time will still be spent. In normal circumstances, there is no requirement to use the toilet.

6.Mat:Exercise,increase health.

7.Exit Arrow:Clinic.When sick,requires time and currency for recuperation.

Interface Buttons:

1.Writing Button(Pencil on the button):Gather writing materials, create a novel.

2.Drawing Button(Brush on the button):Accept jobs to earn currency, or create comic series.

3.Event Button(Speaker on the button):Check current event and participate in it.


This is my third creation, it has been in development for quite a long time, mainly due to calculations and interfacing, and I am quite lazy, so it has taken a long time.

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