Outscape is a 4X Space Strategy MMO set in a huge Persistent Online Galaxy

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Outscape is a genuinely new and unique gaming experience. A 4X Space Strategy where you are pitted against thousands of players in a Huge Online Persistent Universe. This is a Grand Strategy game on a truly Epic Scale.Play at your own pace and in your own style. Dominate through military might, thrive with diplomacy & trade, forge alliances or go it alone - you decide.Outscape is already feature-rich and has been battle-hardened through 4 years of Alpha testing with 1000's of players. All the features listed below have been heavily tested by the Alpha community and are available in Early Access.Build your empireExplore uncharted star systems and colonize new worldsMine planets and asteroid fields for crucial resources you'll need to construct buildings and fleetsDevelop your colonies and collect taxes while keeping colonists on your sideChoose from a huge set of structures to build out your planetsUse automation if you don't want to do everything yourselfResearch technologyUnlock new advanced technologies to increase your empire's power and capabilities through research and development.Research things such as: Structures, Weapons, Hulls, Ships Parts, Skills, Civ UpgradesImprove your fleets and buildings by upgrading them to the latest techDesign and command epic fleetsPut together components in the ship designer to design ships for attack, defence, scouting and hauling or whatever you needArrange your ships into tactical fleets, optimize formations and create battle plansCommand your fleets to protect, expand, and service your empireDiplomacy and tradeMeet other players, negotiate treaties, form lasting alliancesTrade resources, ships or entire planets with playersSupport and protect each otherDefend, attack and conquerLay minefields to protect your territory or trade routesInvade territory and launch orbital strikes against threatening planetsTrain troops to invade and conquer other empires through ground assaults or defend your own planetsUse cloaked fleets to launch surprise attacks or stealthily collect intelWatch and analyze spectacular fleet battles as your ships, designed by you, engage both PvP and PvE enemiesGrand strategy on an MMO scaleReal-time strategic gameplay in a huge persistent online universeSeamless true-space galaxies with hundreds of thousands of stars and planets which bear home to thousands of playersPlay at your own pace - your units carry out your orders even while you're offlineNo 'Pay to Win'There is no 'pay-to-win' or indeed any paying to get in-game advantages. Outscape is about skill, not how much real-life money people spend in-game.Remember - all these features above and many more are already in game, battle-hardened and tested by thousands of alpha players - ready for you to explore and enjoy.Early Access - Up to Three Game Slots and many new featuresEarly Access players can unlock up to three game slots and will benefit from many new and upcoming features. Here are just a few we have planned for Early Access:Space DocksIon Storms (galactic localized weather)Better Battles (strategy, look, feel, depth)Wormholes (natural and player generated)Territorial MarkersSeed ShipsMore interesting galaxy (more stuff going on, more variety)Alliance improvements – shared visibility, player roles, group chat, etc.Sectors – each with unique characteristics and traitsMysterious galactic things – players have to figure out what they are and what to do with themMore Content – tech tree, civs, weaponsMore PVE, and not just piratesPlayer Profiles plus mini-achievements & Steam achievementsPrivate Games and the ability for players to customize themQuality of Life & More Automation – remember history, multiple orders for fleetsAbility to Draw on the Star map and also share those drawingsEven larger Galaxy – one mega galaxy to rule them allGoogle 'Outscape Forum' to find the existing Alpha community. Note Alpha is now closed and Outscape is now only available on Steam Early Access.

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