SAO Utils

SAO Utils

SAO Utils provides you a customizable Full-Dive 3D app launcher with varieties of themes, desktop widgets and powerful utilities

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    Joshua Chen

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    Studio GPBeta

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    Mar 14, 2018

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    3.99 USD

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    Steam Workshop, Steam Cloud

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    English, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese

SAO Utils provides you a customizable Full-Dive 3D app launcher with varieties of themes, desktop widgets and powerful utilities.In built-in stereo mode, you can even browse multiple web pages in the same time inside the cool launcher virtual space with stereo displays.Its pluggable architecture allows you, the developer, to add any kinds of plug-ins to the core program.FeaturesSlide to LaunchAnywhere and whenever, holds mouse LMB and RMB, or holds two fingers on tablet, slide down to call out the launcher.Arrange as You likeRight click to edit any items, drag to arrange them. You can also d'n'd files from the external File Explorer.Desktop WidgetsDecorate desktop with your favorite images, web pages, animation, notes...varieties system and custom status.Stereo ModeBrowse web pages and images with stereo display devices.Built-in stereo supports for launcher:Side by Side (Squeezed)Side by Side (Cropped)Side by Side (Black Bars)AnaglyphEnable stereo mode:In "Preference" - "Graphics" - "Stereo" config panel, select a stereo mode and save.Stereo mode controls:Hold RMB and drag on launcher background to zoom the viewport.Hold RMB and drag on built-in browser to adjust distance of web pages.Configuration MigrationIf you are migrating configurations from another version, select the "Launch Configuration Tool" from Steam launch option.Steam Cloud is supported, synchronizing your settings and launcher menu anywhere.WorkshopFind more Icons, Sound FXs, Themes and cool staffs in SAO Utils Workshop.

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