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Undertale is a retro-style role playing game where decisions really matter.

Inspired by the 90s SNES RPG Earthbound, Undertale is a game where you’re given many choices and the ability to completely change the course of the game – so expect to replay the game a few times with different choices.

One of the best things about the game is that you can choose to talk your way out of situations instead of fighting; a pure pacifist playthrough is totally possible and choosing this path can lead to some stunning revelations about the story and the player. You can alternatively choose to carve a path of death and destruction through the world of Undertale, just keep in mind this can bring about some dire consequences for the player later on.

All in all this game is a lore-rich story-driven adventure inspired by all of your favorite 90s RPGs and definitely worth checking out. It has a great deal of replay value, but if you’re looking for something more action oriented with life and death consequences, you might want to check out another RPG instead.


  • Everything You Do Changes the Story Every choice you make is but a chink in the chain and will help decide the ultimate fate of you, your friends and your enemies.
  • You Don’t Have to Kill Anyone! Unlike some RPGs, you’ll have the ability to go the entire game without killing anyone and unlock the pacifist achievement in the process.


  • Everything You Do Changes the Story Yes, this point appears in both the pros and cons section and with good reason; being accountable for your actions isn't always great. Tread carefully and consider all your options in Undertale before you act.

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